Starting from the concept that hydraulic presses, due to extended time and low temperature, make the hide remain soft, to the detriment however of the productivity, we thought of manufacturing an innovative rotary press that could ensure the same result, maintaining the same typical productivity of rotary presses.

The rotary press for ironing and printing uses the “Thermotech” revolutionary patented heating system of the anti-crease belt. This is able to preheat approximately one metre of the hide on both sides at the desired temperature up to 110 degrees centigrade before it comes into contact with the cylinder. The hide therefore, does not obtain heat only in the point where the felt belt and cylinder meet, but reaches the latter already at a significant temperature that can be adjusted as required, avoiding any possible thermal shock.

Thus, working at lower and more prolonged temperatures, while simultaneously safeguarding the production speed, the Evopress rotary press enables a more velvety touch in the ironing phase and prints the finished hides more deeply, without cuts and with more pronounced reliefs.


  • Automatic and programmable timer for heating the rollers.
  • Timer for cooling and subsequent automatically switching off the machine.
  • Working pressure up to 330 kg/cm linear.
  • Possibility to view the machine output side on the monitor with micro-cameras.


  • Possibility to preheat the hides up to 110 degrees, thanks to our patented heated anti-crease belt, equally on both sides with separate temperature adjustment to that of the ironing/printing cylinder.
  • Easy and quick belt change due to disassembly of the side structure, saving 30% of the time compared to traditional machines.
  • Resistor replacement of the heating unit without removing the oil, enabling 60%-time saving compared to traditional machines.
  • Greater speed in bringing the cylinder up to temperature through the variation of the oil flow speed.
  • Greater speed in reaching the desired pressure with the speed change of the pressure pump.
  • Less consumption in the heating and maintenance phase (through its own logic, the machine regulates the speed and flow capacity of the diathermic oil, combining it with the activation/ deactivation of the 4 resistor batteries).
  • Load adjustment between the two anti-crease belts that remains constant even when the thickness varies by a touch-screen.


EVOPRESS 15 18 22 26 30 32 34
Dimensions LxPxH
3450 x 2200 x1700 3750 x 2200 x1700 4150 x 2200 x1700 4550 x 2200 x1700 4950 x 2200 x1700 5150 x 2200 x1700 5350 x 2200 x1700
Maximum power absorbed
45 45 45 45 45 45 45
Absorbed power at speed
24 24 24 24 24 24 24
3 ÷ 25 3 ÷ 25 3 ÷ 25 3 ÷ 25 3 ÷ 25 3 ÷ 25 3 ÷ 25
0 ÷ 330 0 ÷ 330 0 ÷ 330 0 ÷ 300 0 ÷ 290 0 ÷ 260 0 ÷ 260
Maximum cylinder temperature
160 160 160 160 160 160 160
Maximum preheating temperature
110 110 110 110 110 110 110

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